Meet Nicholas Bennett...

Nick is a man in his early 20s, trying to get ahead in a world that is passing everyone by. He's single, unemployed, and trying to change his luck. He just wants his life to change. Little does he know how that's going to happen...


Katrina is Charles and Lorraine's daughter, and Nick's half-sister. She's six and full of ideas as only a six-year-old can be. She adores her older brother; he makes for a great babysitter as a result.


Lorraine is Nick's stepmother. Lorraine and Nick have never gotten along at the best of times, and their relationship hasn't gotten better as Nick has gotten older. She does care about him, but it's not a smooth ride. She can be a bit "mama bear" when it comes to her daughter.


Charles is Nick's father. He lives in town with his wife and daughter. He quite enjoys the "dad joke" aspect of his life.


West is the drummer for Cup of Indifference. He's a laid back person with a penchant for jokes (particularly taking them too far) and witty comments. He lets nothing bother him, even when, by all rights, they should.


Amelia is another of Nick's friends. She's the lead singer of the band she co-founded, Cup of Indifference. She has dreams of stardom, which often take precedence over things like "songwriting" and "clear musical direction." She is a highly enthusiastic person, high on life, trying to never let things get to her. At least until she drinks...


Dave is a good friend of Nick's, and will help him in any way he can. He is, however, reluctant to indulge all of Nick's ideas. Dave likes cars; he works as a mechanic and he takes on restoring older cars as projects. His current car is an orange 1971 Chevelle he named Jacqueline.