The Comic

Life's a Howl is an epic urban fantasy about life, love, and lycanthropy.

The Author

Liz Walsh is a Canadian programmer and artist. She lives in Ottawa with her husband and cat. This is her second webcomic.

You can see more of Liz's art at her personal site. Or you can follow her on Twitter, where she'll talk about random things that happen to cross her mind.

Technical Details

The Life's a Howl website is powered by Django.

Life's a Howl is created 100% in Manga Studio Pro 5 / Clip Studio Paint EX.

Various glyphs courtesy of Font Awesome by Dave Gandy - http://fontawesome.io

The Life's a Howl logo uses the Sequel font by Philip Trautmann - http://phitradesign-fonts.com/. Used under standard license.



Special thanks go out to:

John Hawley - for server space, and for being very patient with newbie-type questions

Amy VanTorre - for font design suggestions and general awesomeness